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    According to the CNPq, the Research Group is defined as a group of individuals organized hierarchically around one or, possibly, two leaderships, whose organizing basis is the experience, the prominence and the leadership in the scientific or technological terrain in which there is professional and permanent involvement with the research activity.

    The work is organized around common lines of research that are subordinate to the Group (and not the other way around), and to some degree, share facilities and equipment. The Group concept admits that composed of only one researcher and his students. The configuration of a Research Group is dynamic, both in relation to its lines of research, and in relation to its members (mainly students, who remain in the Group, with this profile, for a shorter period), to the partnerships established with institutions and companies, etc. Leaders are responsible for maintaining and updating their groups, which must occur on a continuous basis to prevent them from becoming inactive and, subsequently, to be excluded from the CNPq Group Directory

    The Resolution that governs the creation of Groups / Research Centers of UFMA is in the process of being processed, with a view to approval.

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