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    The Vice-President Office for Research, Graduate Studies and Innovation has as general objective to coordinate, supervise and direct the execution of postgraduate teaching activities, as well as to stimulate research in all areas of knowledge focused primarily on solving local issues , regional and national levels, always striving for excellence and expressing the commitment to the sustainable development of the State of Maranhão. The main goals of this Pro-Rectory are:

    Encourage and support research projects involving all areas of knowledge, as well as stimulate research and innovation;

    Pomote and disseminate scientific results and the transfer of technologies developed in UFMA;

    Expand the participation of UFMA in the state and national systems of science, technology and innovation;

    Intensify interaction with companies and organized sectors of society through the transfer of technology developed in UFMA;

    Expand and consolidate the institution's postgraduate programs.


     Structure of the PPPGI

     Pro-Rector: Allan Kardec Duailibe Barros Filho


    Department of Graduate Studies - DPG

    Director: Vicente Leonardo Paucar Casas

    Department of Support for Projects of Innovation and Management of Technological Services - DAPI

    Director: Maria da Glória A. Bandeira

    Research Department - DPq

    Director: César Augusto Castro


    Coordination and Divisions

    Coordination of Scientific Initiation (PIBIC)

    Coordinator: Vandilson Pinheiro Rodrigues

    Division of Teacher Training

    Director: Jerfson Maciel Araujo Martins

    Division of Graduate Courses

    Director: Luciana Soares Santos

    Projects Division

    Director: Francisco Silva Santos

    Research Ethics Committee

    President: Francisco Navarro

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