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    UFMA today has a rich diversity in scientific and technological research, covering all areas of knowledge, with more than a hundred research groups registered in the CNPq directory and a large number of projects with a partnership of the local productive sector. As an executing institution, it is responsible for the vast majority of projects funded by CNPq in the State, reaching 76% of approved projects, 86% of productivity grants and 70% of scientific initiation grants destined for Maranhão by CNPq *.

    The sector responsible for developing policies for the management, expansion and consolidation of scientific and technological research is DPq (Research Department) of PPPGI. In this sector, projects, groups and research centers are registered and monitored through the DIADP (Division of Monitoring and Dissemination of Projects). Also through DPq, the Coordination of the Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation Grants (PIBIC) manages about 500 scholarships for undergraduate students, financed by CNPQ, FAPEMA and UFMA itself, in return. PIBIC is also responsible for organizing SEMIC (Seminar of Scientific Initiation) through which young scholars of scientific initiation socialize their research with the academic community.

    Finally, DPq also responds to the management policies of Revista Cadernos de Pesquisa, a journal dedicated to the dissemination of scientific research.

    The following are attributions of the Research Department:

    i) Encourage research activities;

    ii) Identify and establish priority research lines for UFMA, considering the regional, national and international scenarios;

    iii) Encourage the formation of new research groups and nuclei;

    iv) Contribute to the consolidation of existing groups and research centers;

    v) Articulate research activities with teaching and extension activities;

    vi) Assist researchers in the elaboration of projects aiming at the raising of financial resources;

    vii) Disseminate the scientific and technological research activities of UFMA.


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