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    Technology Transfer (TT) can be understood as a process of transferring intellectual property (patents, copyrights, know-how, etc.) from the laboratory to the market. This is a process that covers the entire life cycle of a product, from the initial idea to the marketing and sale of the product.


    Forms of Technology Transfer:

    Assignment agreement - Transfer of ownership of the intellectual property right

    Licensing agreement - Licensing Use of the Intellectual Property right exclusively or not

    Technology Transfer Contract - Provision of information not protected by industrial property rights and Technical Assistance Services.


    Research groups, researchers or laboratories that:

    Have developed, within the scope of UFMA, products or processes (patented or not), transferable to companies interested in making use of the technology;

    ● They wish to establish an agreement or contract to provide technological services to interested companies.



    1 st. Seek DAPI to receive guidance on the preparation of proposals for agreements or contracts, so that they comply with the Innovation Law, before being evaluated by the Advisory Services of UFMA.

    2º. If possible, consult the Innovation Law (see annex), in order to know how current Brazilian legislation addresses the issue of technology transfer to companies, and the provision of services.


    Technology transfer contracts- Basic Instructions - Click here


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